dandelion - made with love


dandelion - a flower I adored when I was a kid, not only because my guinea pig loved to eat their leaves, but also because when the glowing yellow flower withers you can blow away the seeds and they fly like little parachutes. 

dandelions still fascinate me, they are sunshine when they start to bloom and still show beauty when they are fading away. 

the last few weeks when our lives have changed so quickly it reminded me somehow of a dandelion and how fast things can turn around and be different.

a little gust of wind is enough and things fall apart, crush or end. but as we know, things also grow again and with each ending there‘s a new beginning. for me a dandelion represents this process so well - plant new seeds, trust the change and have faith in new beginnings. 


my intention with creating these products is to support people in Indonesia who suffer because of this crisis - buy a fancy handmade gadget and your money or part of it goes straight to people who really need it.