living in the moment and being grateful for all the beauty around us - that's what this blog is about. sometimes we tend to focus so much on our past or have concerns and fears about the future. we get caught up in thoughts and forget about the NOW. when I started with this project, it basically was to outsmart myself and I saw it as an opportunity to find beauty in simplicity and to focus more on the NOW. by capturing a special moment every day, I intended to give more meaning to the present. more and more I realized that having this awareness of simple things around you and being present, gives you so much, inspires, is thought-provoking impulse, makes you smile and gives you the chance to fall in love with moments and the NOW.

from time to time I will share a new picture and some thoughts of mine - hopefully I manage to conjure a smile on your face, encourage you to reflect on certain things and give you some inspiration.