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sunday life

Updated: Oct 31, 2020

sunday is supposed to be the day of rest, recovery and free time. most people love sundays and fill this day with nice plans - meet friends or family, go for an adventure or just chill and enjoy the dolce far niente. some people already worry as soon as they wake up about how soon it's gonna be monday again. in bali, where I used to live for a while, many people live the sunday life no matter what day it is. I often heard people ask: "what day is it today?" I guess, mostly because it's a holiday place and people don't care about what day it is. also I assume, because all the places are open 7 days a week. sometimes I brought my "the sunday life" laundry bag to the laundry on a sunday. you don't have to think about organizing your stuff during week days, you just do it whenever time allows. I remember that for local people, sunday was the best day ever, because they work 6 days a week and only have sundays off. I think that's insane, you should at least have two days off from work.

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